30 Minute Meet & Greet - Complimentary

When deciding on who you want to provide your care, you want to meet them first! 

Let's get to know each other and determine if I would be a good fit to help your family. I am committed to educating you about how Postpartum Care and Lactation Support can benefit you and your family. Whether this is your first baby or fifth... each time is so different and comes with a different set of needs in the first few weeks.

*Can be done Virtually or In-Person, I love a good iced coffee!

Prenatal Education - Postpartum & Early Lactation - $150

There's nothing better than being prepared, especially when it comes to the changes you go through after birth and during lactation. You would study for an important test, and this will be the most important, intimate, and sensitive time in your life.  Time to learn and study!

Price includes 2 hours of education and questions - Learn all about what to expect postpartum and during early lactation

hand outs on what we discuss and detailed written overview of our session, product demonstrations (haakaa, pumps, hand expression, flange fitting, bottle/pacifier use, and other resources)

postpartum planner - additional $10

*If booked, you will receive priority scheduling for postpartum or lactation visits

Initial In-Home Lactation Support & Education - $150

Initial in-home visits for lactation support & pump support (great for returning to work/school)

Tailored to your specific needs

Price includes up to 3 hours of care, development of care plan with package pricing for subsequent in-home visits, hand outs on what we discussed (digital or printed), immediate lactation support and product overview (haakaa, pumps, hand expression, flange fitting, bottle/pacifier use, and other resources)

*postpartum planner (digital or printed) - additional $10

Additional $25 flat fee for Multiples

Follow Up In-Home Lactation Support - $100

Need a little extra help after having an initial visit?

Price includes up to 2 hours of care - or until baby is ready to feed, and an updated care plan to reflect any changes

Follow up package pricing (Lactation Support Only - after initial visit) 

4 visits - $280 ($70/visit)

2 visits - $160 ($80/visit)

1 visit - $100

Additional $10/visit for Multiples

Daytime Postpartum Doula Support - $45/hr

4 hour minimum for Daytime Postpartum Doula Support

Customizable and tailored to your specific needs  - See Postpartum Doula Services page for more information

Price includes Lactation Support, hand outs (digital or printed), postpartum planner (digital or printed), and development of care plan

Additional $5/hr per Multiple

Overnight Newborn Care - $50/hr

8 hour minimum overnight newborn care

Sleep peacefully knowing your baby is safely and securely being taken care of.  Exhaustion hits hard in the first few weeks, and rest is vital to your postpartum recovery. 

*Availability is limited, please reach out for available night shifts

Additional $10/hr per Multiple

Text/Email Support - $25/hour

Not ready for hands-on help? I am available for text and email support

2 hour minimum

Hand-outs included

*Credit toward Initial In-Home Lactation visit, if needed

The Whole 'Fourth Trimester' - $3,000

*Package Pricing based on Singleton (One Baby) rates, please contact me if you have multiples*

Prenatal Education Session ($100 value)

Four (daytime - 4 hours each visit) Postpartum & Lactation Support visits ($640 value)

Four (overnight - 8 hours each visit) Newborn Care Visits ($1,440 value)

12 weeks of Text/Email Support - starting from completion of prenatal education session 

*up to 5 hrs/week ($1,200 value)

Postpartum Planner ($10 value)

Gift Certificates/Invitation Inserts

Please contact me if you are interest in purchasing a gift certificate for services for a loved one.

I also provide a template for invitation inserts so your friends/family know you would benefit from Postpartum or Lactation Support!

I am a Partner on Be Her Village!

Be Her Village is a groundbreaking gift registry to provide new parents with the support they truly DESERVE! Create a FREE gift registry and add local services (like mine) for your loved ones to gift you.

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Don't see what you need, or are not sure what you need? Contact me! All care is completely customizable based on your needs and goals. I am here for YOU!

Also, please reach out for Daytime Postpartum Doula & Overnight Newborn Care package pricing!