Lactation Support Services

What is a Certified Lactation Educator and what do they do?

A Certified Lactation Educator (CLE) provides breastfeeding support and knowledge starting in pregnancy and beyond. A CLE can help minimize breastfeeding difficulties in the early days of lactation if you are experiencing issues.

A CLE can:

What is the difference between a CLE and IBCLC?

Officially, the biggest difference between the two is the clinical practice hours that are required for IBCLCs and their ability to diagnose oral ties. Because of this requirement and the educational requirements of IBCLC certification, they tend to attract slightly different types of professionals. IBCLCs may be more likely to come from a clinical or academic background (physicians, registered nurses, etc.), and CLEs may tend to be more holistic-minded (chiropractor's, acupuncturist's, doulas, etc.). 

Both can offer breastfeeding support to achieve success. Examine the cost of both and contact a few different types of lactation support professionals to determine the best fit for you. The professional connection you have with someone might be more important to you than their training.

I don't think I can afford to hire lactation support, but would greatly benefit from the services you provide... What can I do?

My lactation support services have many layers, text/email support starts at just $20/hour. Some issues/needs can be addressed with minimal intervention, and this might be a great option for you! I offer gift certificates and invitation inserts, so your loved ones can gift you my services! I am also a Partner on Be Her Village; a groundbreaking gift registry to provide new parents with the support they truly need! Create a FREE gift registry and add local services (like mine) for your loved ones to gift you.

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Please, please reach out to me directly and let's talk! I whole heartedly believe no one should be deprived of lactation support due to income constraints. 

Look over 'The Green Bottle' Sliding Fee Scale below and see where you may fall. We will discuss financial responsibility based on this scale during our conversation. The type of services you are looking for will also be a factor. 

*Please be advised, proof of income may be requested to ensure this opportunity isn't taken advantage of*